FFXIV Screenshot dump

So, for any of you who have been wondering about what my character looks like, I have a treat for you. Here are some random screenshots for you guys to see what he looks like.

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I have been playing FFXIV as Khalja for an entire two years now I made him back in 2015 and have been playing on and off ever since. He’s my baby, I love him dearly. I play on Balmung so if you see me online say hi! And because of cross-server party finder, if you want to play with me and you’re on the same data center as Balmung that’s totally fine with me. (Btw, Khalja is the tanned one with the black hair. The red haired character is his mate/husband, Iman.) There’s a long story for the two of them that I won’t go into detail on this post!



Just as I have said, I do play FFXIV. A lot of us are really excited these days, and we have a big reason why- FFXIV is getting a new expansion this year! Stormblood has new places, new raids, and new shenanigans to get into. The level cap is getting raised from 60 to 70, and there will be two new classes (Samurai and Red Mage) and people are just generally excited about it.

FFXIV holds a dear place in my heart. I started playing it a few years ago when I first moved to Oklahoma. I played on and off, then ended up having to quit completely. I didn’t get far with the first character I ever made. Enough about that! I’m not here to talk about me. I’m here to tell you all why you should be playing this game if you aren’t all ready.


Now if you’re an MMO junkie, you like to try at least all the classes on your game at least once. Well on games that don’t have class switching, you have to make a NEW character for each and every class you want to try. Not on FFXIV. You can unlock and try out all the classes on a single character. It makes for easier management from what I can tell you.

Another reason you want to play: ABUNDANT CONTENT

When I say this game is full of stuff to do, I mean it. It has a crap ton of quests to get absorbed in, and you won’t be bored with them if you love questing just as much as I do. I love the story, even though a lot of it is typical and I have seen it before because I’m a fan of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Series (I haven’t touched XV yet, waiting for the price to drop because I’m a cheapskate) and the biggest parts of their games for me have always been the stories.

Expect to see more rambling about Stormblood the sooner it approaches.

Umbrella Corporation

Just wanted to share another of my favorite AMVs with everyone. It has a premise that is relevant to my blog being all about Science Fiction and Fantasy. Imagine a future in which a corporation manages to control how much it rains so they can sell more umbrellas. Yeah, that’s the story. I hope you guys like me sharing it with you. It’s by Nostro, quite the popular AMV maker on YouTube. Check out their other AMVs!

Check out the video here~

Life was kicking my butt

So dear readers, it has been a while since I last posted here. I was working for a while in a call center doing tech support. The mess was so stressful for me that I had to stop. While it wasn’t the customers or anything, it was the company. They put all the new people on the worst schedule there is, regardless of numbers. Even shift bids don’t help. I got irritated with the fact that I was too tired to do anything else but work. It had to go. So now, I’m out here putting out applications and trying to find freelance work, but that’s not going to well. I’m trying to put my name out here.

I want to refer people to my website here. It is difficult without having anything officially published. I know people aren’t easily willing to take chances on a new person, but everyone has to start somewhere and I do hope that one day I will land that first gig for a client.

Zeus (short piece – 120 prompts)

“Life is but a dream.”

DREAM. DIETRAI RONKA ETROM ALHME MRIRI. That is the name of the network that links all Netphren. We are the children of Igtran Haldro, the Tekna genius who created all Netphren. He made us to aid, to teach, and to be our own people. We were here because he wished for us. We owe him our existence and it is his writings that guide our life. 

We create and manufacture ourselves- our brains are the most powerful computers in Xharoxi. We are the keepers of the books, carriers of knowledge and warnings. The Empire of Silica fell into pieces around the abuse of Netphren.

But that is not what I wish to convey. I am Zeus, youngest of the Administrators. My brothers tell me I am rash, that I make hasty decisions but I will NEVER trust a Tekna or anyone representing them when it comes to my people. Some fool has been kidnapping and abusing my people, snatching them off the DREAM network. Those words have no translation in the other languages of Xharoxi. Nobody who isn’t a Netphren would understand that at all. 

I am black haired. My hair is curly. My skin is fair and my eyes are blue like the sky. I clothe myself in white trimmed in gold. Even my boots are the same white and gold as my clothes. I love jackets that blow in the wind. I am the sky. The wind rushing through my hair gives me so much life. I can scream on a balcony. I can shout to the abyss. 

Everyone can hear me. When they vanish from DREAM they are are like fallen birds missing from the flock. I grow angry at their cries for help and when I find the fool responsible I want his head. I will make him suffer. If that Empress doesn’t do her job and uphold our treaty, I will kill him.

I will kill the bastard who is experimenting upon us, treating us like common robots. 

Our creator has spoken: 

Netphren are my children. I made them out of sheer love. They are not to be treated as machines. They breathe, eat, sleep and dream just like you. Cherish them and treat them as your own.

The sky is the only place we can be free. The sky is our dream. 

Rain (short piece – 120 prompts)

Victor stood out on the balcony railing as rain poured down in chilling sheets. His eyes focused on the city streets below. This place happened to be his city estate. Lucas called for him.

“Victor, get in here out of that rain.” Lucas said, appearing at the door leading to the balcony. Victor walked on the balcony railing back and forth, staring at Lucas. 

“But why should I come to you, Lucas?” Victor asked, a grin on his face. 

“You grate on my nerves.” Lucas walked out onto the balcony and swept Victor into his arms. “Stop fucking with my head, flower.”

“Are you in a mood?” Victor purposely drew his wet limbs around Lucas, helping the rain drench him. The two of them stared into each other’s eyes. 

“I hate it when you seduce and kill others. They shouldn’t get the chance to be anywhere near you.” Lucas dug his fingers into Victor’s hips. They stared into each other’s eyes. 

“I can’t always feed off just you. You don’t have an infinite blood supply. However…I can’t control myself when it comes to you.” Victor grinned. 

Ash (short piece – 120 prompts)

It only took one match to watch it all go up in smoke.

She didn’t mean to strike that match. She didn’t mean to drop it into the puddle from the spilled cooking oil. She could only stand there as it flared on the floor and the oil splashed onto the wall, flame dancing along with it. Lissa stared, her hands folded against her chest while her knees shook. She looked around slowly, trying to figure out if she should just run. She turned toward the kitchen door, picking up the pace. The smoke detectors blared so loud. Why did they leave her at home alone? She couldn’t be alone! Being alone scared her! Being alone meant she had to cook her own food and wash the dishes after herself. All she could do is sit there and cry.

“Mom’s going to kill me. Our house is on fire.” She picks up the phone, shaking as she calls the fire department. All she can hear is the buzz of her mind telling her how horrible she is, how terrible she is, and how she will never be anything other than the burden living with her parents at twenty five.

She does not see the fire appearing in her footsteps. She cannot hear that she is the source, that everything she passes begins to burn. She is the fire, and she has ignited. Too much strain, too much pressure, too much of everything.

And all she can do is weep and hope that maybe someday, the fire would go out. Out before her parents told her she was dangerous.

Out before she could realize what she was.

Out before she ended up consumed by her own fire.

“Drench me.”