Victor and Lucas

The sky is dark, congested with heavy gray clouds. Rain falls as if the sky is mourning a better time long passed. Victor is standing on a rooftop, clothes damp to his skin, red eyes aglow. His white hair is damp, droplets of rain dripping from him. How long has it been? Three weeks? His thirst for blood has not eaten the last of his sanity. He watches the busy streets below him, searching for a target.

There, in the crowd, a man walks, pulling a woman with him. She is begging to be released, yet the man continues. This draws Victor’s attention. The young vampire leaps from his rooftop perch to another rooftop, eyes trailing the man and his victim. He silently follows them, watching his every move. The man dragged the woman to an alley. She screams.

Victor strikes.

He is shorter than the man so he taps his finger on the man’s shoulder.

Victor smiled sweetly at him. The man responded with a glare.

“Who the hell are you?”

“A nightmare.” Victor grins.

“You? You’re a kid. You can’t do shit.”

The woman is pleading, looking at Victor.

“It’s okay ma’am. Run away. Get to safety.”

The woman takes off, freed from her attacker’s grip. She looks over her shoulder, mouthing “thank you” before she takes off into the rain.

“You little…”

“Little what?” Victor whispered. The man didn’t even notice that he’d moved closer. Victor’s claws were in his side. “Sleep.”

The thug collapsed and Victor dragged him to a space between two buildings and sunk his fangs into the man’s arm, drawing blood. The vampire’s eyes glowed as he feasted apon his sleeping, yet terrified meal.

“Oh, the taste of nightmares…”

Victor snapped the man’s neck when he was finished. He’d taken a bit more than he needed, and couldn’t risk the man turning into a vampire. He licked the blood around his mouth and smiled. He gave the corpse a kick to the face, leaving it there rot until it was to be found by the authorities. That, however, was not enough. Victor needed more. He wanted more. He took off down the alley, running through puddles and giggling.

“Come here! Come out, hear me- feed me!” he whispered, voice barely audible.

A drunken male emerged from a nearby bar. He kept hiccupping as he walked. Victor waited, eyes glowing. This man robbed someone yesterday. Victor had been too far away to confront him without attracting attention.

Victor grinned. The drunkard stumbled toward him. “I heard a pretty boy’s voice.  Are you him?”

“Yes.” Victor whispered. The man walked up close and grabbed his Victor’s ass.

Nightmares are flowers that bloom at night.”

In a flash, Victor had changed. How he was dressed in a white outfit trimmed in red. His shoes were also white, and his knee high socks were red. Short white hair turned into long, waist length white hair.

“How’d you get so pretty?” the man asked.

“You robbed that old lady yesterday and nobody caught you.” Victor pushed him to the ground and straddled his hips.

“Damn, you are heavy!” the man gasped.

“Is your cock hard, robber?” Victor asked. “You disgusting filth.”

Victor grabbed the man’s left arm and exposed his wrist, sinking his fangs right in.

Normally, drinking from a drunk was a bad idea because the stupor would pass through the blood. However, with Victor’s ability to get rid of poison, he could freely drink from anyone, drunk or not. Victor began to weave a terrifying nightmare

“Help me, oh please help me!”

The drunk dreamed of his dead wife. She stood before him, a shadow of her former self. Blood ran down her cheeks as chunks of her flesh began to fall off her body. She reached for him with bloody, bone hands. Her eyes rolled out of her face. Her teeth turned monstrous and sharp-

“I’m this way because of you! You evil, vile man!”

The man twitched, and Victor continued to drink from him. Victor rubbed himself against the man’s crotch and pulled his mouth away to speak.

“More, more!”

Victor sucked as much as he could. When he finished, he snapped the guy’s neck and stood up. He licked around his mouth, thirst sated.

“The blooms have faded.”

He returned to normal feeling satisfied. However, he did not count on ending up with an erection. Victor ignored it. He had no time or reason to indulge in anything sexual. He’d never even touched himself. He continued to walk until he reached the cellar doors of an old warehouse. He blinked. A man was sitting on those doors.

Messy black hair. Pale skin. Piercing crimson eyes. That man even smelled different too.

“I’ve been searching for you for the last few hundred years, Victor von Rozenkruz.”

“Wait a minute, how do you know my name?” Victor asked.

“Remember.” the man told him. “I’m someone you’ve always known.”

“I don’t want to remember! My past is terrible- please don’t make me.” Victor screamed.

“Come here then.”

“No. I don’t know you.” Victor shook his head. “I’ll go to another spot.”

“The sun is coming up in two hours. You are already tired. Come here.”

The man extended his arms. Victor felt his body go limp, as if it were obeying the command without his permission. He fell into the man’s arms, catching a hint of the other’s scent. It calmed him, and he fell asleep.

“You are a weird white haired thing.”

“And yours is messy.”

Victor giggled as the taller boy mumbled about his hair. When the adults discussed things, Victor got to spend time with him.

Him. His only friend. To him, he wasn’t a weapon project, but a friend. They always saw each other. Then his friend lost his Mama.

Victor wanted to cheer him up. They were so young. Worry didn’t help Victor’s nerves, so he stood on tiptoe and kissed him. The two boys started holding hands after that. Victor would fall asleep in his arms all the time. He would help Victor change his bandages.

Victor would cry on him for hours, telling him.

“I’m gonna get away from here! Just watch! I’m not your weapon! I refuse to be used as a tool! You will not define my fate!” Victor had shouted.

“How dare you raise your voice to me! I made you, you are mine to control!” Ivan yelled.

“Stay back!” Victor screamed. “Leave me alone!”

“You will obey me!”


Ivan coughed, his eyes wide with horror. Black blood began to leak from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Victor could see the blood turning black upon contact with the air. Ivan’s hands reached for him.

Victor let out a little whimper in his slep. When he woke up the next evening, that messy haired man had his head resting on his lap.

“Do you remember now?” he asked.

Victor looked him over. Black, shaggy hair. Crimson eyes. Pale skin. Bandage wrapped around his neck- Victor wondered why.

“Do you wish to see my scars?” he asked Victor. He carefully pulled them off to reveal a scar wrapping around his neck, as if someone had choked him with barbed wire. Etched in scratch like marks was Victor’s name, below the scars.

Victor sat up quickly. “Why? Why is my name on your neck?” Victor asked.

“My father gave me to you. You etched and marked me as your “something to protect” or should I say someone?” he explained. “You can’t use all of your power without me.”

Victor rose to his feet and stepped away. “I don’t care about using all my power- I just want to survive!” Victor stuck his feet in his shoes and took off, running toward the stairs that led up out of the cellar.

The man was right behind him, a hand pressed against the latched door.

He ran a finger across Victor’s cheek and reached his arms around him from behind.

“I am.. Lucas von Ishekeval.”

Victor froze.

“Lucas, stop tickling me!”

Victor rolled on the floor giggling and laughing. Lucas watched him. His little cheeks were bright pink.

“You’re silly, Victor!” Lucas said, laughing.

“I love you Lucas! Stay by my side!”


For the first time in two hundred years, Victor burst into to tears.

Why? Why was he crying?

“Why did it take so long for you to find me? Why Lucas, why?”

Victor turned around and began to weakly punch Lucas in the chest. “I did all that I could, but you kept managing to evade me, love.” Lucas chuckled.



“I’m glad you found me.”


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