Binary Overdrive

Sometimes, you come across a video that has quite the effect on you. You might be someone who watches videos on YouTube for various reasons. One reason might be your favorite YouTuber who plays video games. In my case, I have a favorite video editor. Just a quick search on YouTube for Nostromo and you get this list plus the editor’s channel for all his videos. It is obvious that I love their work because of the heavy science fiction themes. Many of the anime they use for edits are science fiction, or have some science fiction influences.

And if you haven’t discovered their video edits yet, you really need to sit down for a moment and just watch any given one of them. My first favorite video happened to be Auriga. Then I watched a few more of their videos. I’m here to talk to you about Binary Overdrive. This video has a special place in my heart right now.

The clips used are from an anime short from Genius Party – Dimension Bomb and Passion by Utada Hikaru. I love the editing in this video, and it makes me smile whenever I watch it. It isn’t the images alone that make up the best part, but the lyrics.

The song’s lyrics fit perfectly with every image you see on the screen.

How do you do
Just nice to meet you
And I can take you on from here
But this is where it all starts
So follow through
Into the shadows
‘Cause I can hear the storm is close
Let’s hope you can handle it

So nice to meet you
Better believe in me tonight
And I will not let you down (down, down)

If you see me fall, I will get up again
I’ll make you a promise that this is not the end
Just like I said, get a hold of yourself
You’ve got to trust me, just get a hold of yourself

And the meaning I take from the video editing and the song is simple. It is a conversation between two people. One is telling the other that their life is about to change, and the other person is saying that they will not give up and that they can be trusted.

I am sharing this with my readers as a bit of food for thought. I hope you will get something out of watching that video, just like I did.


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