Valkyrie Connect

And here’s an early gaming related post! I’m sure anyone who’s been into android and iOS RPG have come across this little gem. Valkyrie Connect is a hero collecting RPG, where you summon characters called heroes to fight in battles for you as a team. I recently started playing this little gem, and I love it.

Anyone with a smartphone with the required specs can play the game. My smart phone has 1.5 GB of RAM, and that’s the minimum required to play the game comfortably.


It also has some fan service, as you can see in this photo. The art of the characters and the voices are all by different artists and voice actors from Japan. This game is not my own screenshot, but one that I found that gives you a quick look at the game. This particular shot is from a battle. This character is unleashing her special skill.

If you’re a big fantasy fan, love Norse mythology, and leveling and upgrading characters to make them stronger, this is a game you should play. My name on the game is [ZK] Winter and feel free to search for me and say hi once you start playing!


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