Code Geass Season 3


According to Anime News Network, Code Geass is getting a third season and a movie. fefaeReaders, please believe when I saw news of this on my Facebook I blew up. This series is something dear to me. I did not see season one, but I did see R2 and let me tell you, that anime was a roller coaster ride. Now why am I mentioning it on my blog?

It’s science fiction of course! The world that Lelouch lives in is a sort of alternate history/future scenario in which Great Britian, known as Britannia , has a lot of control over different parts of the world to the point where they erase a nation’s name and refer to its people as a number. For example, the Japanese people were renamed Elevens after Britannia took over Japan. I’m a sucker for alternate history/future stories and I’m sure a lot of my readers may feel the same way. All my fan theories started going wild in my head. Like I started thinking about the ending (SPOILER ALERT) that showed a brief glimpse of Lelouch’s face. I knew he was still alive, just I didn’t know how.

There’s a mixed opinion of this- some people think it should have ended there, while others like me wonder what will happen next. I just hope that it won’t be a disappointment.

And the plus to this is that the anime’s art is designed by my favorite studio, CLAMP. I can’t wait to see the new story.


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