Starlight (Excerpt)

The black cauldron sitting on his desk was about the size and height of a fishbowl. There were holes on the sides, and pieces of charcoal sitting under the burning flame that contained his still beating heart. It hadn’t grown larger since the day it came out of his body. Xavier sat on the edge of the bed, his grey eyes glaring toward the cauldron.

“What do you want now?” The flames got bigger than the cauldron, and Xavier could see Zalra’s angry face glaring at him.

“I see you’re still having fun holding onto my heart.” Xavier said, finally getting out of bed. He walked over to his closet and began to pull out clothes to wear.

“And you’re vain. How many times do I have to tell you ‘Avier, you are not the top of the world.” Zalra warned.

“I can be whatever I want- it isn’t like I have a heart anyway.” Xavier smiled sweetly at the star. “My parents still don’t know about you.”

“And that’s why I taught you how to make wards, so you can keep them out of your room. They get uncomfortable when they get too close to the door- your ward is keeping them out. That was the first thing I taught you.” Zalra smiled, proud of himself.


To read more of Starlight and keep up with updates, follow the story on Wattpad


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