Money (WIP)

“Zachoin.” Zacky said to himself, a grin spreading across his face. In a little corner of the web that he and other hackers went to chat, he introduced a link to his new website that he had set up concerning his new coin. A lot of people he knew didn’t like using real money for their “purchases” online. Credit and debit cards were risky- they had a person’s identity attached, and there were things that you didn’t want attached to your name. Zacky watched to see who happened to be using the website and he blinked in surprise.

“Four purchases for ten thousand each…” these buyers had spent five thousand each to buy ten thousand of his own coins. Zacky couldn’t believe it. Were people literally exchanging their real money for his? He stood up and stepped away from his computer. He couldn’t believe it. Had he just caused a trend with currency? Zacky walked away from the computer, shutting his office door behind him. He left the second floor of his house, and wandered downstairs. He lived on his own, but every now and then he would startle as if someone had walked in on him. His home was quiet, and secluded. Every now and then his parents would come to check on him. His father kept his bank account fat.

Later that night, before bed, Zacky sat on the edge of his bed, staring at the glowing monitor on his desk. An alert popped up, and he plopped into the chair to check to see where it had come from. A friend of his who called themselves TheXAngel, sent him a message. He clicked open the chat window to see what they had to say.

“I don’t know if you know it but- people are taking to buying things with Zachoin.” they had typed. Zacky couldn’t believe it.

“I just created it only moments ago- what the hell is this spread?” Zacky opened his control panel for his currency site, only to see that he’d made another five thousand dollars in exchange.” Zacky narrowed his gaze.

“Purchases made from locales such as Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney….” Zacky folded his arms. Why would people in those places buy Zachoins to use online? The only stores that took them were in the deepest parts of the internet, until he realized the funds were from merchants willing to offer Zachoin as an alternate payment method. Zachoins were untraceable- the only trace that could be made happened to be the initial purchase of coin. They would not be able to trace why the buyer exchanged the currency or anything like that.

Zacky opened up his login page for his bank account.

“Angel, I can’t believe this. Out of all the currencies they can pick from, they are all on this one, and I just made it. I don’t understand the spread.” Zachy put his hands under his chin, looking through the numbers.

“I don’t get it either, it is rumored that the American Dollar is gonna crash hard. And people who are aware of this are grabbing up another currency. They’re using it to trade amongst themselves before the real crash.” Angel’s words blinked on the screen. Zacky sighed again, still unable to understand the spread of this currency he’d just created. “Be nosy with your father. Ask him what’s going on in the banks. If you see him worrying about his assets, the dollar is crashing. And I can say one thing, the bankers aren’t ready for a full scale crash. It’s going to be like the world’s getting wiped out in a nuclear war.”

“You’re funny. I think people would prefer a currency crashing over nuclear bombs anyday.” Zacky typed.

“Have you seen prices at the grocery stores? You have people shop for you, but I don’t. Where I live, a gallon of milk is six dollars. A loaf of bread is four. Remember when things like that were really cheap?” Angel said. “The inflation is out of control and wages won’t be able to keep up. That’s how you know a crash is coming.”


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