Castillo (review)

There’s a gem of a comic that I’ve been meaning to share with people. It is called Castillo, and it is the story of a succubus by the name of Jay. Now I’m not going to give you all any spoilers, because it is a comic that surely needs to be read for yourself. The creator, Mushy, is a sweetheart and I love her work. She brings characters to life with her light line work and brilliant colors in her illustrations. favoritecastilloart

My favorite character is of course the main, Jay. Jay looks sweet and innocent, but that’s just a cover. She houses the soul of the sin of lust. That’s all I’m going to tell you about her! You have to go read the comic, really. I love science fiction and fantasy as you all know, but I don’t exactly know what genre to put Mushy’s work in, so I’ll just say fantasy. After all, there’s magic in it as well, and God stuff, and angels and demons. So yeah, fantasy works.

Go have a read. And contact Mushy and tell her what you think! I can see her comic getting really big in a few years.

The Comic | Jay’s Design

Art in this post belongs to Mushy. It is also my favorite art of Castillo’s main character, Jay. Mushy has since changed Jay’s design, but this is still my favorite of all her work.


One thought on “Castillo (review)

  1. Adorable characters. Looking forward to hearing how your novel is coming along. Hope you can get writing again and on a regular writing schedule. Take care and best wishes to you,,from Ellie’s Chit Chat Corner


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