Tuesday Prompt – water

On the desert planet of Titrel,  water is a very precious resource.  People have to have it shipped from other planets in the system.  It wasn’t always like that,  but it is our own fault.  The reason there are people here is because Titrel is a huge trade hub.  People flock here to exchange and sell their various wares.  I’m just a deliv,  someone who transports packages from one hub to another.  Yesterday I found out about a huge shipment of water that a merchant would be hoarding for himself.  It took all I had to not steal some of his shipment.  Some people said that we could just start using hydrogen and oxygen to make our own water.  The planet has an over abundance of both those gases. There are oxygen caves here. The oxygen content is so high that fire and electronics should not be trifled with while exploring them.

I tried to think of a plan to steal Amran’s water.  I hate him because he sends me on dangerous deliv trips without a single regard to my life.  I have a bad case of hating my employer, and it shows.

So tonight, I’m going to do it. I’m going to steal this bastard’s water supply and make my own fortune off it. Eventually one day these idiots will learn how to make water.

It isn’t even that difficult.  


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