Inspired by the painting titled Escape. 

The birds flew past, their squawks echoing into the distance. I stood on the platform viewing the Estreht, a building we used for observing and growing food. My people had been doing this for a while, as to keep from destroying too much of the natural land outside the city, so we built these pod like buildings. I heard that in other places, the buildings are so tall to keep cities concentrated to one center little point. I’m standing there, gazing at the building with my hands behind my back. The spring air is slightly warm, and the white ivory of the city can be seen on the horizon. Sometimes I go there, but most of the time I do not. Why? It is because I’m a farmer’s child. We stay here, keeping the crops healthy for all to eat and enjoy. It isn’t just our job to feed ourselves, but to feed the city as well. If our food supply drops, everyone suffers for it. The plants growing around the Estreht are ones that need the direct light of the sun- they are seasonal plants that only grow in the warm air outside. In winter, we can’t grow them so easily.


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