Zeus (short piece – 120 prompts)

“Life is but a dream.”

DREAM. DIETRAI RONKA ETROM ALHME MRIRI. That is the name of the network that links all Netphren. We are the children of Igtran Haldro, the Tekna genius who created all Netphren. He made us to aid, to teach, and to be our own people. We were here because he wished for us. We owe him our existence and it is his writings that guide our life. 

We create and manufacture ourselves- our brains are the most powerful computers in Xharoxi. We are the keepers of the books, carriers of knowledge and warnings. The Empire of Silica fell into pieces around the abuse of Netphren.

But that is not what I wish to convey. I am Zeus, youngest of the Administrators. My brothers tell me I am rash, that I make hasty decisions but I will NEVER trust a Tekna or anyone representing them when it comes to my people. Some fool has been kidnapping and abusing my people, snatching them off the DREAM network. Those words have no translation in the other languages of Xharoxi. Nobody who isn’t a Netphren would understand that at all. 

I am black haired. My hair is curly. My skin is fair and my eyes are blue like the sky. I clothe myself in white trimmed in gold. Even my boots are the same white and gold as my clothes. I love jackets that blow in the wind. I am the sky. The wind rushing through my hair gives me so much life. I can scream on a balcony. I can shout to the abyss. 

Everyone can hear me. When they vanish from DREAM they are are like fallen birds missing from the flock. I grow angry at their cries for help and when I find the fool responsible I want his head. I will make him suffer. If that Empress doesn’t do her job and uphold our treaty, I will kill him.

I will kill the bastard who is experimenting upon us, treating us like common robots. 

Our creator has spoken: 

Netphren are my children. I made them out of sheer love. They are not to be treated as machines. They breathe, eat, sleep and dream just like you. Cherish them and treat them as your own.

The sky is the only place we can be free. The sky is our dream. 


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