Life was kicking my butt

So dear readers, it has been a while since I last posted here. I was working for a while in a call center doing tech support. The mess was so stressful for me that I had to stop. While it wasn’t the customers or anything, it was the company. They put all the new people on the worst schedule there is, regardless of numbers. Even shift bids don’t help. I got irritated with the fact that I was too tired to do anything else but work. It had to go. So now, I’m out here putting out applications and trying to find freelance work, but that’s not going to well. I’m trying to put my name out here.

I want to refer people to my website here. It is difficult without having anything officially published. I know people aren’t easily willing to take chances on a new person, but everyone has to start somewhere and I do hope that one day I will land that first gig for a client.


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