Just as I have said, I do play FFXIV. A lot of us are really excited these days, and we have a big reason why- FFXIV is getting a new expansion this year! Stormblood has new places, new raids, and new shenanigans to get into. The level cap is getting raised from 60 to 70, and there will be two new classes (Samurai and Red Mage) and people are just generally excited about it.

FFXIV holds a dear place in my heart. I started playing it a few years ago when I first moved to Oklahoma. I played on and off, then ended up having to quit completely. I didn’t get far with the first character I ever made. Enough about that! I’m not here to talk about me. I’m here to tell you all why you should be playing this game if you aren’t all ready.


Now if you’re an MMO junkie, you like to try at least all the classes on your game at least once. Well on games that don’t have class switching, you have to make a NEW character for each and every class you want to try. Not on FFXIV. You can unlock and try out all the classes on a single character. It makes for easier management from what I can tell you.

Another reason you want to play: ABUNDANT CONTENT

When I say this game is full of stuff to do, I mean it. It has a crap ton of quests to get absorbed in, and you won’t be bored with them if you love questing just as much as I do. I love the story, even though a lot of it is typical and I have seen it before because I’m a fan of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Series (I haven’t touched XV yet, waiting for the price to drop because I’m a cheapskate) and the biggest parts of their games for me have always been the stories.

Expect to see more rambling about Stormblood the sooner it approaches.


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