Winter comes from the time of year I was born, and Nightroad is the surname of a favorite character. I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I started telling stories when I was three years old, and I’ve been writing them down since I was twelve. I’ll be twenty nine on my next birthday, and I’m glad you are here.

I happened to be a creative child, and I viewed life from a different angle than other children around me. I always searched for a story to tell. When my Grandmother sat me down to watch my first Star Wars film, I imagined what life would be like on a ship in space. In started to dream and write my own little stories about characters and ships journeying through the vastness of space.

In high school, I loved my creative writing class. It was only one semester, but that is when I began to hone the skills that I have now. I took more courses aouter_space_planets_digital_art_science_fiction_desktop_1680x1050_wallpaper-1120453bout literature and creative writing, and I am a reader of science fiction. I am familiar with fantasy as well. Three of my favorite authors are David Weber, Octavia Butler, and Mercedes Lackey. These three authors were an influence on me in the beginning, and right now I can say I’ve been influenced by J.K. Rowling as well. She is an inspiration for me. I am currently working on finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and it is with this expertise that I write my stories with love.

I am currently working on a few projects for publication. They are Xharoxi Chronicle, my biggest project that I’ve been working for several years that takes place in the vast universe known as Xharoxi. Nightmare Bloom, the story of a genetically modified vampire bio weapon who finds himself dragged into the middle of a full scale war. Starlight, the story of a boy who swallows a star and has to live with his heart outside his body as a punishment for ignoring his emotions.

All three of these stories will take the reader to a different world, where they may find things that remind them of their own world. That is my goal, to tell a story that will resonate and stay with readers for a long time after they turn the last page.



2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello, Awesome website. Congratulations on your degree. I am attending SNHU at this time for my English/Creative Writing degree. I also enjoy J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, James Patterson,and many more, however since I write young children stories I also enjoy Stan & Jan Bernstein of Bernstein Bears and all the stories of Dr. Seuss.I wish you the best in all of your writings and publications. Thanks for sharing.

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