Inspired by the painting titled Escape. 

The birds flew past, their squawks echoing into the distance. I stood on the platform viewing the Estreht, a building we used for observing and growing food. My people had been doing this for a while, as to keep from destroying too much of the natural land outside the city, so we built these pod like buildings. I heard that in other places, the buildings are so tall to keep cities concentrated to one center little point. I’m standing there, gazing at the building with my hands behind my back. The spring air is slightly warm, and the white ivory of the city can be seen on the horizon. Sometimes I go there, but most of the time I do not. Why? It is because I’m a farmer’s child. We stay here, keeping the crops healthy for all to eat and enjoy. It isn’t just our job to feed ourselves, but to feed the city as well. If our food supply drops, everyone suffers for it. The plants growing around the Estreht are ones that need the direct light of the sun- they are seasonal plants that only grow in the warm air outside. In winter, we can’t grow them so easily.



Hello fellow writers and readers! I just want to say happy new year to all of you. While last year was really really rough I’m glad the new one has finally arrived. I’m happy, I’m excited, and you should be too.

I have some new ideas that I’m going to start working on as well as my current projects. One of these new ideas is about a young man whose necromancy accidentally causes a zombie apocalypse in my hometown of Detroit, where it then spreads to the entire state of Michigan and causes the whole state to be quarantined while they try to figure out what has people coming back from the dead.

I just want to wish you all a happy new year!

Happy writing everybody!

It’s finally over

I just want to say that for this day’s music post, I’m going to exclaim one thing: NO MORE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

Now I get there are people out there who love the stuff, but I don’t. Mainly because of retail. Retail will make you hate everything you used to love. To get back on topic of a song for today, I’m going to bring to you another of my favorites by Caravan Palace:

Lone digger. The meaning I get out if it is exactly what the music video details- it talking about how people go to clubs looking for someone to hook up with because they’re lonely, hence why the title is lone digger, and why the words “lonely digging” are in the song.

Here are the lyrics with a handy link to the music video – warning, there is blood. Lots of blood. Blood splattering on a stripper. Is it as awesome as it sounds? Check it out for yourself!

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May the force be with her

So, yesterday, as much as I didn’t want to believe it, 2016 has snatched another icon right from up under us in an instant. When I heard Carrie Fisher was in the hospital, I had hoped that she would recover from her heart attack. I had so much hope, I prayed, I pleaded, and then it happened. She’s gone. carrie-fisher-obit-4

What makes it even sadder is that her mother is now gone too. It must have been hard for her to even realize or comprehend that her 60 year old brilliant daughter was gone just like that. She couldn’t deal. I don’t think I would have been able to deal with that either. Honestly, as a Star Wars fan, I didn’t really get into the movies until the prequels started- I was an angry kid who wanted to know what happened before all the stories with Darth Vader and his great kids Luke and Leia. I wanted to know all of it. Once I knew that, I was able to better appreciate the story itself.

princess-leia I’ll admit that I don’t know much about Carrie’s acting other than her role as Leia. I may have seen her in other movies, or even on television, but I don’t really remember. Her time as Leia made me get even more into science fiction because she was a strong, positive female character and we need more of them. Even up to her time as General Leia in the most recent film, The Force Awakens, I was still amazed by her. She’s always going to be our princess, no doubt about that. In a way, it is heart wrenching to see that in the movies that Han Solo is gone and now Leia is too. general-leia-organa-2I could have cried, but I didn’t. Instead I got really mad. So many people passed this year and I wish it would just end already. But I know one thing, and it is that I will never forget her. None of us will. We’re angry now, but as Yoda has told us:

“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the force.”


Tuesday Prompt – water

On the desert planet of Titrel,  water is a very precious resource.  People have to have it shipped from other planets in the system.  It wasn’t always like that,  but it is our own fault.  The reason there are people here is because Titrel is a huge trade hub.  People flock here to exchange and sell their various wares.  I’m just a deliv,  someone who transports packages from one hub to another.  Yesterday I found out about a huge shipment of water that a merchant would be hoarding for himself.  It took all I had to not steal some of his shipment.  Some people said that we could just start using hydrogen and oxygen to make our own water.  The planet has an over abundance of both those gases. There are oxygen caves here. The oxygen content is so high that fire and electronics should not be trifled with while exploring them.

I tried to think of a plan to steal Amran’s water.  I hate him because he sends me on dangerous deliv trips without a single regard to my life.  I have a bad case of hating my employer, and it shows.

So tonight, I’m going to do it. I’m going to steal this bastard’s water supply and make my own fortune off it. Eventually one day these idiots will learn how to make water.

It isn’t even that difficult.  

Empress of the Sleeping Sun – Excerpt

Elthene had lived in the Ourolem estate all her life, and soon her last day there would arrive. She had many memories attached to this place. Times spent curled near her mother in the library with a good book, or sliding down the halls in her socks with Jade. She missed those times more than anything. Everything seemed so simple then. No demands, and her father didn’t hate them so much. Elthene walked quietly down the halls in the barely used north wing of the estate. Her father claimed the drafts bothered him. Sometimes as a little girl, Elthene would hide here just to escape her father’s terrible moods.

As she walked down the halls, she saw different paintings. At the end of the hall a large portrait hung from the wall. There were two girls. One wore a white suit and the other wore a frilly lace covered white dress. Both of them had their long red hair done in ringlet curls. Their skin was brown, a slight shade darker than her own. They both had golden amber colored eyes. Elthene curled a lock of her own red hair around her finger as she stared at the portrait. She remembered the stories of Prisca and Norah as told to her by her mother. Ourolem started with them, and they were known as the Crimson Twins. Elthene learned all these things from her mother. Vinel’s knowledge amazed Elthene. She wondered how her mother knew so much about Ourolem.

“Why doesn’t Papa know all of this?” Elthene had asked her mother on a chilly afternoon.

“Your father didn’t think knowing family history meant anything.” Vinel explained. Elthene snapped out of the thought and touched the portrait.

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