Current Projects

Here’s a list of things I am currently writing.

Xharoxi Chronicle – This is my longest going project. Threads for this story go all the way back to the year 2004 when I was still in high school. It has changed so many times since I first began writing and thinking of this story. I currently feel that it is more of a mixture of science fiction and fantasy rather than being one or the other. This tale has elements of both, from magic systems and religion to advanced computer systems and dreadnoughts. The people themselves are varied as well.

Nightmare Bloom (working title) – This story has been one that I’ve had for some time, but it is not as old as Xharoxi Chronicle. The main character is a genetically modified vampire whose purpose concerns being able to defeat immortal mages called magi in battle. The reason he was created is simple- magi are immune to most vampire tactics and abilities, but he and the others like him can attack with blood- the one thing magi are not immune against, turning the tables of their conflict.

Starlight – This is a story inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, in which a young boy named Xavier swallows a falling star. The star tells him it is a punishment for ignoring his emotions, and so he has to deal with his heart being outside of his body, enveloped in the star’s light. This is the story of a young boy learning himself, his feelings, and how his heart and mind should be one.

These are only a few of my works- I have short stories that I am trying to pen, and I am looking for freelance work as well. If you need a writer to help you with a story or to read over anything for you, please contact me! I’d love to help you out.